Prosolution Pills Main Ingredients

Prosolution Pills Main Ingredients


Cordyceps is one of the major ingredients of Prosolution Pills. Here we are going to look at what Cordyceps is and what properties it has that can help in penis enhancement and male sexual performance.


Cordyceps is a type of mushroom which has a long history of medicinal characteristics. One Tibetan by the name of Zurkhar Nyamnyi Dorje in the early 15th century documented Cordycepses tonic propensities as a strong aphrodisiac. It is however believed that the aphrodisiac properties of Cordyceps have been used in Chinese traditional medicine even thousands of years before that. Wikipedia:

Modern Popularity Of Cordyceps

In 1993, after some female Chinese athletes broke 5 world records in long distance running, the coach claimed that these female athletes were on Cordyceps mixed with turtle blood on his request. Since then the use of Cordyceps in various areas of health has risen by a fantastic 900% and the rise has also precipitated the increase of scientific researches.

In 1995, a patent was registered with the J. Administration Of Chinese Traditional Med ((suppl):23-24) and another one (9:29-31) in 1988. All the patents depict Cordyceps as a natural agent for increase of testosterone.

Increase Of Testosterone For Better Penis Enhancement

Testosterone is a vital hormone in produced by the human body to support sexual performance. No wonder some doctors call it “The sex hormone”. Inadequate supply of it means poorer sexual performance.

The manufacturers of Prosolution Pills have not been left out of the development because they have carefully studied these properties of Cordyceps and found that by including it among the ingredients of their products, it can make the formula even better. The results were amazing.

Not only the increase of testosterone has been recorded by the use of Cordyceps. Men tested reported a boost of their sex drive and appetite. They reported easy and fast reactions to stimulation, penile arousal and stronger erections.


Some of them even report that they and their partners noticed bigger penises on erection.

The formula of Prosolution Pills is unique and can greatly increase a man’s sex desire, make penis erections bigger and stronger.

If you want a bigger penis with powerful and stronger erections on demand, we suggest you try Prosolution Pills.

Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng is one of the major ingredients of which Prosolution Pills are made. The Eastern civilization has found this herb extremely useful in helping men who have been suffering sexual dysfunctions such as erectile.

Korean Ginseng also known as (Panax schinsen) in scientific circles is a native of Asia. While the entire family of Ginseng is used for medicinal purposes it is the Panax Schinsen that is mostly used for sexual enhancement and little wonder it is one of the major ingredients of Prosolution Pills.

Sometimes you may come across names such as “The Man Root”. This is a name which was given to this plant because of its looks which resemble anatomy of a human. The olden Asians believed that the complications of the resembled parts of the body can be treated with it and they were not far from the truth.





Where Is Korean Ginseng Grown?

Korean Ginseng is a perennial plant which is grown all over Asia from the home ground Korea to Japan but these days we can find it also growing in many countries all over the world. If you want to grow your own you may download this PDF file.

Growing Korean Ginseng is not the topic of this post but to focus on the way it can help you to make your penis to function properly and to be capable to meet the entire requirement a penis need in a sexual intercourse.


Medicinal Uses Of Korean Ginseng

As a natural aphrodisiac, clinical studies have proven that this herb can be used to address a number of health conditions such as erection failures as well as some other sexual dysfunctions.

Other uses include remedies for diabetes and fatigue (which are among the major causes of erectile dysfunction).

Initially test with Korean Ginseng were carried out on mice in Labs but have also been carried out on humans with amazing results.

Not to waste your time reading about Korean Ginseng since we believe you have visited this site about penis enhancement probably wanting to enhance yours. You should visit the official website and find out more on how this plant as an ingredient of Prosolution Pills can help you to improve the functions of your penis.


What Prosolution Pills Can Do For You

  • Increase the quality of your erections
  • Achieve stronger and bigger penis during intercourse
  • Improve ejaculation volumes
  • Intensify your orgasms
  • Last longer sexually
  • … and many more.

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